@FFCommunity’s One In, One Out | Introduction

February 5, 2020


@FFCommunity’s One In, One Out | Introduction

Hello everyone.

I’m Holly, but I’m probably better known as the brains behind Fantasy Football Community.

It’s fair to say I’ve been addicted to fantasy football and Fantasy Premier League for a good few years now. You can regularly find me sharing advice on Twitter, I’m a panellist on the Fantasy Weekly Podcast and a monthly guest on the Fantasy Premier League Show.

I’m really excited to put all of this knowledge to good use by playing Footstock: picking up form players in the market and selecting them to perform in the tournaments. A mathematician by trade, I’ll be crunching the data and hope to drive a hard bargain in the markets. I’m also an avid collector – in my childhood I had countless albums of football stickers, tazos and even an entire collection of Sainsbury’s England FIFA World Cup 1998 coins. My Footstock collection has a lot to live up to!

Over on the brand new Footstock blog, I’ll be previewing the FPL Gameweek with my “One In, One Out” in each position (goalkeeper, defender, midfielder and forward) and I’ll probably be looking to make similar trades in the Footstock market. Find me in the Slack if you’d like to share any FPL advice!

Holly is the brains behind FantasyFootballCommunity.com, one of the most popular FPL advice resources out there. Joining Footstock in January 2020, she uses her fantasy expertise to hunt for hidden bargains and tournament-winning differentials.