Changes to Single Roulette and Tournament Balance

June 16, 2020
Footstock Team


Changes to Single Roulette and Tournament Balance

As previously announced we need to update the single roulette offering to factor in platform growth over the last few months. Here’s the changes we’ll be making live today.

1) Different player positions now cost different amounts to use on Roulette as follows:

2) You’ll only be able to win players within a range of 2*s above or 3*s below the player you’re wagering. Therefore, your potential opponents are as follows:

Tournament balances

Alongside the roulette changes we’re also making our tournament balances live. This results in the following changes:

1. All existing tournament coupons have now been added to your tournament balance.

2. Tournament credits now replaces tournament coupons in our packs.

3. If you have money in your tournament balance, any paid-entry tournaments you enter will be automatically paid for from that.