Card Circulation and Footstock Expansion

September 29, 2020
Footstock Team


Card Circulation and Footstock Expansion

Footstock Players,
We could talk about GW3 and how spurious penalties are impacting our beautiful game. But we don’t want to rant.

So instead let’s talk about card circulation and a few other topics. There’s a lot of detail we wanted to provide here, so get comfy and get reading…

Card Circulation – The Facts πŸ“–

Before we get into how player cards will be managed, new players added etc., let’s get some facts straight around our current player card ecosystem:

How many player cards are out there? πŸ•΅οΈ
We’ve seen some weird and wonderful guesses as to how many of each player currently exist. The truth is much lower than most believe. This is partly due to card reduction metrics such as Deal of the Day and Roulette Tournament rake proving a huge success:

  • Right now the highest volume player card sits at just c.3500.
  • The average active player card volume is c.1350.
  • Deal of the Day has so far been successful in removing over 6,500 cards from the market, most of which are higher value players, with users receiving almost Β£43k in contest credit.

So how will we manage card circulation moving forward? πŸ™‹

Managing Card Circulation πŸ› οΈ

In the next few weeks we’ll implement several measures, comprising our overall strategic plan for the Footstock card ecosystem. The first is our overall principle for managing card circulation:

Target Card Volume 🎯
Each player card will have a ‘target card volume’ calculated, based on our active user base and amended when necessary as we grow. These numbers won’t be published at this stage, but will be something we share as we move towards full transparency.

A player card’s supply will be managed accordingly based on their target card volume, and how many are currently in circulation.

Card holding limits πŸ›‘
We will be limiting the number of individual player cards a user can buy going forward. This will avoid the potential of a user holding a ‘monopoly’ on an individual player, impacting the ability for others to own the player.

Once a user reaches 200 cards of a certain player they will be limited, meaning they can’t buy any more of that player from the market.

There are only a handful of 200+ holdings currently, these will be allowed to remain. However the relevant user won’t be able to buy any more of that player from the market.

Packs πŸ›οΈ

EPL Packs – introducing Footstock buyback ♻️

EPL Standard, Premium and Exclusive packs will return to the Footstock shop in the next few days, with one key difference. Whenever a user buys an EPL pack, Footstock will buy the corresponding players from the market.

In other words, whenever someone buys a pack they now support the market! πŸš€

Say you receive a Harvey Barnes card in the pack, Footstock will automatically buy one Harvey Barnes from the market. This results in no additional Harvey Barnes cards being added to the market, which provides greater liquidity, with the lowest sell order being cleared in the process. The only time this won’t happen is if the player in question has dropped significantly below their target card volume.

This mechanic results in player cards only being added through packs when their supply is under target levels.

New Player Packs πŸ†•

New Player Packs will continue to be sold for now, with new players added to them when they join the Premier League. Players will start to be removed from these packs when they reach their target card volume.

We will look to phase out New Player Packs by the end of the year, with any new Premier League players added via auction from January 2021.

Player Auctions πŸ”¨

Introducing Auctions

Moving forward we will introduce new players to the Footstock platform via player auctions.

New players will be identified and then added to the ‘auctions’ area of the site. The auction area will show users which players are available, how many of them will be auctioned, and when the auction closes.

Say for example Lionel Messi is being added to the platform:

We will put up a batch of e.g. 100 Lionel Messi cards to be auctioned, users can then place a limited number of bids. When the auction ends the highest 100 bids would be successful, and the player added to those user’s collections. Those users can then choose to keep the player, or add them to the market to be traded as normal.

By bringing in players via auctions it’ll add an extra daily excitement to Footstock. It also allows us to bring that player up to a target card volume without seeing irrational pricing in the market.

Card Circulation – Card Swaps ♻️

Currently when a player leaves the Premier League a user has two options:

  • Swap the player for contest credit (within 30 days of status change)
  • Swap the player for an active player

The option to swap for an active player adds a lot of cards to the market at certain times of the year. It also does not work in our future model of target card volumes and new player auctions.

Therefore from 1st Jan 2021 we will be removing the option to swap a player card for another player card. From that point on when a player leaves the Premier League:

  • They will remain active if moving to a club in Champions League / Europa League competition
  • They will go inactive if moving outside of the Premier League, and not joining a club in CL/EL competition. In this case the player can be swapped for contest credit over the first 30 days following their status change.

This change, being announced well ahead of time to allow users to adapt and trade as they see fit, will ultimately ensure smooth card circulation management.

Footstock Expansion 🌍

The above card circulation tools will allow Footstock to maintain a healthy card supply moving forward. This allows us to move on to the next phase of our journey, as we make players from across Europe useable in contests….

Champions League & Europa League πŸ†

As promised in our summer product update, we will soon start adding players from outside the Premier League who compete in the Champions League and Europa League. These players will be the first to be introduced via player auctions, and will bring extra excitement to every European gameday.

We naturally intend to add players at a very gradual pace to minimise the impact on the existing player pool. The core focus of the product will remain on the Premier League, there’ll be just as much use for a Premier League player card as ever before.

Within the next few weeks we’ll start to add European players in the following order:

  • Players who face Premier League opposition on CL/EL gameday 1
  • Other players from CL/EL groups that include English teams

These players will be added in small batches via auction, up to a target card volume. We will keep these volumes lower than the Premier League cards, as a section of our users will be happy to just focus on the Premier League.

Moving into early 2021 we’ll add further players for the CL/EL knockout rounds, before focus shifts to the summer and Euro 2021.

A point to note on CL/EL players:

  • Some CL/EL players will already exist on the platform, having spent time previously in the Premier League. These players will be added to auctions if they fall below the new CL/EL target card volumes.

October Monster – Upgraded! πŸ‘Ή

We’ve made a couple of tweaks to the October Monster format to simplify it, and add even more excitement to October matchdays!

  • Guaranteed prizepool now boosted from Β£7.5k to Β£10k
  • Users finishing first, second or third in October qualifying contests will receive a free entry ticket worth Β£30. Over 250 to be won!!!
  • New ‘single player’ and ‘two player’ contests will not count as qualifying contests

Best of luck hunting down those tickets throughout October!

All the card circulation features are now ‘in development’ and will be delivered within the next few weeks. We’ll provide further updates each time we’re ready to deploy a new feature via Slack and our social media channels. πŸ–±οΈ

There’ll be full details of our auction schedule coming soon, we can’t wait to expand the Footstock horizons! πŸ—ΊοΈ

James and Tom will be along on Friday to talk through the changes on the official Footstock podcast, keep an eye out for that one! πŸŽ™οΈ