Announcement 3 | The Marketing Plan

July 23, 2020
Footstock Team


Announcement 3 | The Marketing Plan

The third pillar of Footstock’s Announcement Day is our marketing efforts. Fundamentally, we understand that all our users benefit when new football fans are joining and enjoying the platform.

As you already know from our previous announcements, we’re cooking up some awesome plans: an incredible redesign in production, the £100k freeroll and a plethora of other exciting features and advancements in development. But Footstock’s potential will only be realised with a holistic and comprehensive marketing drive to compliment these developments.

We believe Footstock can offer something to every single football fan. The aim? To make sure they know exactly who we are, and how we can make football more fun for them.

But that doesn’t just mean spending for the sake of spending. Everything below has been thoroughly considered with results tracking and product sustainability our top priorities. We don’t just want to invest in marketing: we want to invest wisely.

Here’s how we plan to do it.

Footstock and talkSPORT 📻

We’re launching a substantial campaign on talkSPORT ahead of the new season. 200 adverts across 6 weeks around the start of the new season will see us reach the ears of 3,000,000 weekly listeners with an estimated 23,000,000 impacts across the term.

We’ll be monitoring the success of the campaign closely, and plan to launch other talkSPORT campaigns throughout the 20/21 season to consolidate our position in the minds of the wider footballing audience.

A 20/21 Brand Ambassador 🧑‍🤝‍🧑

Creating a great radio ad campaign is much easier when you have a recognisable voice behind it. He can’t be revealed just yet, but we’ll tell you this much: he’s one of the most recognisable personalities in British football, and we’ve got him for the whole season (including the Euros).

Rarely does a product find an ambassador that so closely mirrors their brand, tone of voice and fundamental values. In this mystery partner, we’ve done exactly that. Social media promo, special in-game tournaments, weekly articles, interviews, Q&As, image usage rights, voiceovers and loads more have been factored into this year long deal, and we couldn’t be more excited.

Knowing our community as we do, we’re aware we won’t be able to sit on this secret for long. All of the team at Footstock are dying to tell you, but it’s vital we don’t rush such a big step in our marketing timeline. More importantly, we want to make sure the ambassador himself knows and understands the product before announcing anything publicly.

All being well, we’ll aim to announce who our 20/21 ambassador is in August. Right around the same time that the £100k freeroll goes live.

Any guesses?

WhoScored Integration ⚽

WhoScored integration arrives next week. The highly anticipated phase 2 of our partnership will see a Footstock widget alongside every player profile, as well as visibility on certain hover-over views too.

The result? A sleek button showing how much each player available on Footstock costs, updated in real time. Buying Footstock players through WhoScored will soon be just a few clicks away.

An Influencer Campaign 📣

Footstock is made for influencer marketing. The pack openings, the excitement of a tournament, the thrill of a roulette win. We want to engage new audiences through the use of great content and big personalities in the footballing space.

To do that, we’re working on a campaign to coincide with the start of the new season that will incorporate various influencers in the space, totalling a combined audience of millions. We’ll reveal more information on this in due course.

Digital Marketing Drive 🚗

We’re upping our game on the digital marketing front too. Some of you may have already seen the fruits of our Facebook ad campaigns: results have been good and spending will continue to increase so long as it remains worth our while.

We’re also in the process of moving affiliate software, giving us much more capacity to onboard new and bigger affiliate partners. The ultimate aim is for Footstock to be ubiquitous across any digital channel frequented by football fans.

Content 🎥

After hiring a new Content Manager, and with the help of our new brand ambassador, there’s plenty of scope to improve our content offering across the board. Expect the introduction of regular video content, an improvement to our blog, more dedicated social media content and tweaks to the Official Footstock Podcast.

New User Onboarding 👋

With great acquisition comes great responsibility. We’ve invested plenty of resources into fine-tuning our onboarding for new users, making their journey from newbie to seasoned veteran as seamless as possible.

This will involve a more sophisticated onboarding email sequence, better and more comprehensive tutorial content, the introduction of first-time-deposit bonuses, an exclusive tournament for new users only and lots more. Of course, the new app will also help greatly in improving a new user’s experience on Footstock from the moment they discover the platform.

These significant marketing efforts, combined with the app redesign, the £100k freeroll, our planned expansion into other leagues/territories and everything else we’ve got planned are a reflection of not only where we want to be, but the fact that we have the resources to get there.

August is going to be peppered with further announcements and developments ahead of the 20/21 season. We can’t wait to continue on this journey with you all.

After all, it’s still early days.