Announcement 2 | App Redesign Update

July 23, 2020
Footstock Team


Announcement 2 | App Redesign Update

The aim of our second announcement isn’t just to give you an update on the redesign (it’s going swimmingly, by the way), but to reveal exactly what you’ll be able to do in the new Footstock app.

We’ve listened to you and tried to incorporate as many of your suggestions into our redesign as possible. Here’s what you can expect…

Welcome Home

Every user’s home screen will be completely unique to him or her.

New users might be prompted to complete certain tasks as part of the onboarding process. For experienced users, a series of dynamic widgets will ensure you get the information most important to you as soon as you login to Footstock. That’ll involve the latest on your collection value, as well as featured tournaments, special offers, the Deal of the Day, news and more.


Our new player cards will provide key stats, a price history graph and much better player images. An advanced view can be toggled which makes more cards visible to the user, ideal for scrolling through large collections.

With user functionality at its heart, the redesign will also consolidate the Market, Collection and Buy/Sell orders into one area, making it easier than ever to flick between each section.

Player Cards

Let’s take a deep-dive into the player cards.

Clicking on a player card will bring up loads of really useful information. Firstly, you’ll be able to see a player’s price chart at time points that can be toggled by the user, from the last 7 days to the last 6 months.

We’ll also be displaying their recent/future fixtures, so you can plan how you’re going to use that player in future tournaments, and you’ll also be able to view a breakdown of their PPG stats.

Simple and advanced player card views will enable users to buy or sell an individual card, or place multiple orders at their own price point.


We’ve totally simplified the tournament entry process, to make it as intuitive as possible. Now entrants will be guided through each position necessary to enter the tournament until they have a full and valid team.

But it gets better.

We’re introducing a single screen that’ll show you all your live tournament entries, positions and potential winnings. You’ll also be able to see all your completed tournament results in one view, with payouts and finishing positions all easily accessible.


Sometimes words just aren’t needed…


Aside from all of that, we’ll also have enhanced rewards, including streak and time-based rewards to start earning 👊

This redesign marks the most significant step in Footstock’s journey since its inception. With enhanced features, a completely transformed UI and a far more intuitive design, we’re proud to be releasing an update that transforms the user experience for newbies and veterans alike.

Welcome, Footstock users, to Footstock 2.0. Coming in September.

Stay tuned for our final announcement of the day: the marketing plan.