Announcement 1 | Summer Plans and Product

July 23, 2020
Footstock Team


Announcement 1 | Summer Plans and Product

Welcome to the Footstock Announcement Day. Excited? So are we.

Our first announcement of the day focuses on the product side of things, and is broken up into two parts.

Firstly we’ll take you through all the great tournaments, competitions and promotions we have in store to keep you entertained over the summer break. The intention here is to keep Footstock fun for new and old users alike, whilst ensuring there are plenty of opportunities to win using your football knowledge.

Secondly, we’re laying out all product changes we’ll be making between now and the start of next season. As a young, fast-paced and ever-growing product, we have several key product changes to make. Can you believe Footstock has only been running for little over one season? These necessary changes will benefit all users moving forward, with a focus on three key principles:

– Simplifying our product for new and prospective users
– Maintaining a healthy balance of cards in the market
– Announcing change with plenty of advance warning, ensuring our users have the time to understand and react to change before it’s implemented.

Summer Break Plans 🌞

Net market spend rewards 🤑

With the Premier League season drawing to a close with the Footstock World Championship on Sunday, we wanted to give our loyal users a reward to end the season on a high. Therefore, starting right now and finishing at the end of July, we’re running a net market spend reward bonus, with items-galore up for grabs. There’ll be rewards ranging from tournament credit packs, player cards and even our new Footstock FC shirts! Here’s how it works:

The promotion starts at 9am on Friday 24th July, and runs through to 23:59:59 on 31st July. Any user with a net market spend of £10 or more during this period will be eligible for a reward as follows:

The Reward Breakdown

Here’s an example of how net market spend is calculated:

1) Craig spends £330 on players in the Footstock market during the promotional period.
2) Craig sells £230 of players in the Footstock market during the promotional period.
3) Craig’s net market spend is the amount of buys minus the amount of sells.
4) So his net market spend is £330-£230 = £100.

Points to note:

Rewards will be provided between 1st and 23rd August. Footstock FC shirts may take longer depending on supplier timescales.

A ‘new player card’ is classified as any of the players included in the initial new player pack offering, currently set to be delivered on 5th August.

A player card from the promoted teams is classified as any player from those teams included in the new player pack offering, currently set to be delivered on 5th August.

Offer is open to new and existing customers. One set of rewards per customer only. 18+, account required. Please gamble responsibly.

Footstock Virtual Championship 🏆

Due to the popularity of the upcoming Footstock World Championship, we’ve decided to replicate it in virtual form over the August period. There’ll be 17 sets of virtual tournaments throughout August at the normal Beginner, Amateur and Pro levels. The winners of each will not only take home the first place cash, but also get a free entry ticket to the Footstock Virtual Championship on August 28th!

The championship itself will be an 8 game, one day virtual tournament with a £50 entry fee. You can either win your way in, or pay to enter on the day. Alongside paying for the 51 ticket winner entries, Footstock will also add £2500 to the championship prize fund. At the end of the day, one of you will walk away not only considerably richer, but also with the title of Footstock Virtual Champion!

The Footstock Virtual Championship starts with 17 qualifiers between 2nd and 27th August. Each qualifier will consist of four or five Premier League matches, with tournaments running at Beginner, Amateur and Pro levels. The first place finishers in these qualifiers will win a Footstock Virtual Championship ticket. Each user can win up to five Virtual Championship Tickets. In case of a tie, all tied winners will receive free entry to the World Championship.

The Footstock Virtual Championship itself can be entered up to five times, and will be £50 to enter. Just the same as the Footstock World Championship, but half the price!

Relegated teams from the 2019/20 season will not be included in the fixtures, nor will the promoted teams.

European Football Fiesta! 🎉

We wanted Euro 2020 this summer, but having the final stages of the Champions League and Europa League throughout August is a great substitute! To celebrate we’re giving away £5k in added prizepools and prizes.

We’ll be running special tournaments across the remaining round of 16 games involving English clubs. Players from Wolves, Man City, Chelsea and Man Utd will be available for selection, and we’ll be adding a whopping £3.5k to the tournament prize pools! There’ll be £2k added to the Pro, £1k to the Amateur, and £500 to the Beginner tournaments.

From the quarter finals onwards we’ll be running competitions on every day an English team could be involved. Prizes will total £1500 and range from tournament credit packs to new player cards, and even Footstock FC shirts!

Virtual Battles August Promo ⚔️

We know how hard it can be not having football to watch over the summer. Not only have we created the Footstock Virtual Championship to fill the gap, we’re also sprucing up the 24/7 virtual battles. For the whole of August our users will be able to sample Virtual Battles with a reduced rake of only 4%, more than a 50% discount! That means more money in your pocket each and every time you take down a battle during August.

Footstock FC shirts 👕

We saw how many of you loved the original ‘Footstock green’ t-shirts. This led us to go one step better and create truly original, brand new Footstock FC home and away football shirts.

These shirts will be made available to users across numerous promotions and competitions over the summer.

Product Changes

Now let’s take a look at our upcoming product changes summarised by this handy graphic:

Footstock Virtuals 2.0 ⚽

As many of you will remember, we developed the virtuals quickly in response to Covid-19 and the resultant Premier League hiatus. Ready for our first ever Footstock Virtual Championship, we’re giving them some additional features. From 1st August you’ll see virtuals emulating real football even more closely, as we build in key actions such as red cards and injuries.

It’s going to be a great month of action leading up to the finale on 28th August, and now it’ll be with even more entertaining match simulations!

Swaps for Tournament Credit ♻️

All inactive players can be swapped as normal in August for an active player. However we’re going to give you a choice.

You’ll either be able to swap as normal, or take tournament credit instead.

This gives everyone the choice of either swapping an inactive for a shiny new player card, or swapping for a chunk of tournament credit to play with instead.

By offering a choice of swap options we provide the choice of either further building your collection, or building that all important tournament credit balance ready for the summer of virtuals and beyond. The tournament credit offering will be reviewed after this transfer window, and the levels of credit provided will be updated regularly going forward.

Please note: the swap for tournament credit will only be offered for the first 30 days after a player is made inactive. After this time the player would have to be swapped for an active card. We will begin to communicate on players made inactive during August, to ensure our users are aware of changes within the 30 day window.

New Player Packs 🎁

A new pack containing the most recent players added to the platform will be created following the Championship Playoff final. This is currently expected to be introduced on 5th August 2020. The pack will include a selection of the following:

– Players promoted from the Championship e.g. West Brom players
– Players who’ve been recently added having made a Premier League squad e.g. Max Thompson
– Any players transferred into the league e.g. Hakim Ziyech
– A selection of in-demand youth players e.g. Jayden Braaf

Users will be able to see a list of which players are available in the pack. The list will start off at a figure of around 120 players, then continue to grow until we reach 200 as more players sign for Premier League clubs. Once we reach 200 the new player pack list will operate on a ‘one in, one out’ policy: each time a player is added to the list, the one who was added to the platform the earliest will drop off.

New player pack pricing will be reviewed and amended where needed each time the player pool changes throughout the summer. Please note: these packs won’t always be available. We intend to use them initially to allow an optimal volume of new players to be added to circulation. This ensures we have rational pricing and don’t flood the market with exaggerated new player card volumes. New players will also be available in our existing packs.

Rewards Updates 🏅

We are very aware rewards haven’t had a revamp for some time. Well now’s the time for them to evolve, and this will be done in two phases. The first phase, which we aim to deliver by 12th August, will tidy up the rewards that no longer make sense, or cause confusion for new users (e.g an ‘epic goalkeeper’ reward where there is no epic goalkeeper), as follows:

The second phase of updating rewards will come shortly after the launch of our redesigned apps. More details around this will be provided in due course.

Player Position Changes 🔧

We will conduct a one off review of all player positions during August. The intention here is to keep player positions ‘as is’ unless there are clear inaccuracies, creating the minimum pricing disruption possible. This review will take place prior to the £100k freeroll going live, to ensure no user can gain an advantage through positional changes.

Any examples you feel clearly need amending can be raised in the newly created #positional_changes channel in Footstock Slack.

The £100k Freeroll Format is Here! 💰

Well, almost. We’re waiting on fixture dates before the actual tournament can be created, but it’s on its way. Whilst we wait on a full Premier League schedule here’s what we can tell you:

When will the tournament run?

We’re awaiting a full Premier League schedule, and so exact dates can’t be provided just yet. However the tournament will cover Gameweeks 1 to 38 of the 2020/21 Premier League season.

What are the prizes?


1st | £25,000
2nd | £10,000
3rd | £5,000
4th | £3,000
5th | £2,000
6th-10th | £1,000
11th-50th | £500
51st-100th | £200

Single gameweek highest score

1st | £5,000
2nd | £3,000
3rd | £2,000

Manager of the week (weeks 1-38) | £250
Bonus gameweek 1 highest score | £500

*Manager of the week also receives a Footstock football shirt

Can I win more than one prize?

Each manager is able to win the following:

– One overall prize (1st to 100th). This ensures 100 different managers win a prize from the overall pot!
– One single highest gameweek score prize.
– Unlimited manager of the week prizes.

How will my team score points?

Players score points as per our normal scoring matrix, and make up your team’s score over a gameweek. Your best 6 gameweek scores as a team will make up your overall score.

For example let’s say your team scores as follows in the first 8 weeks:

Gameweek 1 – 233 points
Gameweek 2 – 199 points
Gameweek 3 – 202 points
Gameweek 4 – 350 points
Gameweek 5 – 320 points

Gameweek 6 – 97 points
Gameweek 7 – 150 points
Gameweek 8 – 225 points

Your overall score is the best 6 gameweeks your team has had, so in this case it would be the weeks highlighted in bold added together:

233 + 199 + 350 + 320 + 225 = 1327 points

This means even teams entered late in the season have a chance at the overall prizes, as it’s only your best 6 gameweeks that count.

For a full FAQ, check out the bottom of this post 👊

‘Deal of the Day’ 🤝

One of the key objectives we currently have is to maintain a healthy balance of cards in circulation, ensuring that the market is able to continue to grow. We already remove cards through tournament credit swaps and roulette tournament rake, but are now taking this one step further.

We intend to launch a ‘Deal of the Day’ on 15th August in our current Games section.

Each day we’ll post a selection of players that can be sold back to Footstock for a randomised amount between 100% and up to 200% of their market value in tournament credit. This will be used to create a balance of cards per tier, whilst giving our users a chance to get rid of unwanted cards and gain tournament credit.

We’re confident this new feature will allow us to maintain a healthy balance of player cards. This is just one of several steps we are taking over the coming season to ensure a healthy market is maintained.

PPG Changes 🔢

Given the mass market we want and expect Footstock to reach, it’s imperative that we simplify the PPG system going into the new season.

From the start of the 2020/21 Premier League season, PPG will be based on 38 games (up from the current 19), and will be taken from Premier League games only. Players will retain their existing PPG scores from all competitions, but will start to accrue their extra eligible games throughout the Premier League season.


As we write, Leandro Trossard has 19 eligible games, and a PPG of 12.32. With the first game of the new Premier League season this will climb to 20 eligible games, and continue to climb until he reaches 38 eligible games. No games will ‘drop off’ until he reaches 38 eligible games.

We will also be changing the way we manage injuries. The current system is difficult to maintain and no longer necessary as we move towards a 38-game PPG. Therefore, from the start of the Premier League 2020/21 season, all active players will receive a score of zero if they don’t feature in a Premier League game.

There is a necessary exception to this rule to protect players during a long term injury. No player whilst having a long-term injury can drop more than 2 star categories. This protects e.g. a legendary player from dropping below the rare category in the event of a long term injury.

All new players will have a static star category until their team has played 8 Premier League games, at which point they become eligible to move category. This ensures new players only start to move star categories once they have a reasonable bank of games to base PPG on, and promotes more rational pricing and movement of new players.

We are announcing these changes well in advance of their go-live date to allow our users to make any trading moves they feel are needed. To ensure this is 100% clear – none of these changes take effect until the first day of the 2020/21 Premier League season. From next season PPG will almost exclusively be automatic, and much simpler to understand from a new user perspective.

Footstock 2.0 📈

There are bigger product additions that we fully intend to deliver this year, but aren’t ready to go into detail on as yet. Our goal remains to have Champions League and Europa League tournaments – featuring players from both the Premier League and top European teams – this coming season. In addition, we’ll be gearing up for a full Euro 2021 tournament and trading setup, whilst also identifying and launching new leagues as soon as possible…

The next announcement will focus on our stunning redesign, providing more detail around our new apps. There’s a lot of stuff in there our users have been crying out for, so stay tuned…

£100k Freeroll FAQ

How do I win the ‘single gameweek highest score’ prizes?

These prizes will go to the teams that have the highest single gameweek scores across the entire season. For example, if you score 466 points in Gameweek 29, and no other team matches that score across any gameweek, then you win the first place £5k prize!

How do I win a ‘Manager of the Week’ prize?

Manager of the Week is won by having the highest team score across a certain gameweek. For example, if your team scores 325 points in Gameweek 12, and no other team scores that highly in Gameweek 12, you win!

How will my entry need to be set up?

To minimise duplicate entries and ensure all budgets can compete there are several restrictions to follow:

– Entries must have 11 players comprised of 1 goalkeeper, 3 defenders, 3 midfielders, 2 strikers, 2 utility (any outfield player position)

– Entries can’t have more than two players from each Premier League club e.g. you can only select two Everton players per entry

– Entries must have the following star categories at the time of entry – two 1 star players, two 2 star players, two 3 star players, five players of any star category

Are there any restrictions on entries?

Entries are free and you can enter as many times as you like throughout the tournament period.

Will my cards be locked during the tournament?

Yes, any cards entered into the tournament will be locked until it concludes. However it will be possible to ‘buy out’ a team for £15, the proceeds from which will go into a special GW38 freeroll pot. Any teams ‘bought out’ will no longer be eligible for any of the £100k freeroll prizes.

Will I be able to make substitutions throughout the season?

No – to keep things simple there will be no changes to your team allowed. We feel the format and the ability to ‘buy out’ provides enough cover for a team ravaged by injury or lack of form.

How can I monitor my performance?

The £100k freeroll will be shown in the tournament lobby throughout the season. There are three separate leaderboards to view: overall, manager of the week, and highest overall single gameweek score.

How are ties treated?

If two or more identical lineups finish in the prizes then the one submitted earliest will take precedence.

If two or more non-identical lineups finish on the same points then prizes will be split.