A Message From The Founders

July 8, 2020
Footstock Team


A Message From The Founders

Dear Footstock Players,

As promised we wanted to share our bigger picture for the upcoming months. To start off, let’s look briefly into the past….

The Footstock journey started in late 2017. It took us close to two years to launch what some of you saw after our Indiegogo campaign back in April 2019. Back then and until a few months ago it was just Till and myself, passionately working on a piece of software nobody had seen before.

When we finally went live we couldn’t have been happier with both the amazing feedback we got, and the financial success of our campaign. After the initial boom, there was a very long summer for us. We worked hard and whilst we couldn’t keep everyone happy, the 2019/20 season eventually kicked off, our App was released and things developed nicely.

When Covid-19 hit the world, we acted quickly and developed our virtual tournaments. Things have moved fast over the past few months; our user base has grown from a few hundred to many thousands, and market prices have skyrocketed.

Whilst our success brought a lot of good things, like our staff headcount growing from 2 to 11, it also highlighted that some areas of the platform required attention. Changes had to happen. We are close to the finishing line in this regard, with the upcoming amendments to swaps (which won’t come into play until after the August swap period) and a few more minor details to come within the next few weeks.

Rest assured, minor means what it says: we are not talking about another Heatongate.

Whilst it’s been a slightly bumpy road so far, this leaves us with a product that’s ready to scale! So you rightfully might wonder what’s next?

Footstock 2.0 🎨

I couldn’t be happier to show you the new version of Footstock with our redesigned collection and player profile screens. The following screenshots show the cards as we display them to new users, but we will also have an advanced view for experienced users to see more data and cards. I should stress that this is still a work in progress on some details, but we feel that we are getting close to a public beta.

Upcoming Season ⚽

The current season is coming to an end, but we’ll be ending it with a bang. The inaugural Footstock World Championship has been added to the tournament area today. A massive 44 of you have already won free entries worth £100. The excitement of that tournament will round off the Premier League season beautifully, and the summer will be filled with an improved version of our virtuals too. Let’s then take a look at the 2020/21 season…

£100,000 Freeroll

We are in the final stages of laying out the rules, which will be similar to the 2019/20 £10k freeroll. Every user will have the chance to win a prize, ranging from a Footstock FC or club shirt to a massive cash prize for the winner!

Rest Of The World

Starting later this month, we will revisit our expansion plans to new competitions and leagues, initially focusing on European club competitions and Euro 2021. Stay tuned on this one: the future of Footstock stretches beyond the Premier League!

Footstock Hero

The 2020/21 season will feature an improved version of the FootstockHero format, which keeps the buzz going from month to month.

Going Further… 🌍

The past two years have allowed us to build a product that’s loved by thousands – now we want to bump that number by a magnitude!

Late 2020 will mark another milestone in the history of our company, as we will officially expand to new jurisdictions! Whilst we currently only operate within the UK, Footstock will become a multi jurisdictional operator ultimately spreading across the globe. We don’t wanna spoil the fun yet on which countries will join us and exactly when, but rest assured shared liquidity (the ability for UK customers to trade with non-UK customers) will be our highest priority, and is highly attainable given our mix of trading and fantasy.

Looking one step further, whilst we feel that the UK is the heart of Footstock, not many things would make us prouder than to raise the Footstock flag in our companies’ home country – a vision that we already work on!

Marketing 🧨

With the WhoScored partnership closing in on phase 2, we have successfully started the next level of our marketing efforts! It’s safe to say that this is just the beginning. The last few months have given us the strength to explore possibilities which weren’t possible before. Some efforts have already begun on paper, whilst others are being finalised as we speak.

In the next few months, you will see Footstock on channels you’ve never seen or heard us on before. Familiar faces will support the Footstock family in these endeavours, giving us a reach that will surpass our current community and audience by far!

Overall we couldn’t be happier. Nobody said it was easy, and certainly we will face further bumps on the road. But with the overwhelming support of our community, the product we have built and the amazing team that we’ve established over the last few months, we look forward to what’s to come and welcome you to join us!

Thank You,

Oliver and Till