100k Freeroll Recap: Gameweek 10

December 1, 2020


100k Freeroll Recap: Gameweek 10

If you thought maddogbeast winning over £3,000 in the November Monster with just nine players was impressive, wait until you see what happened this weekend in the Footstock 100k Freeroll! In a bizarre turn of events, ‘gonca’ was able to outscore the other 2,200-odd entrants with just seven of his eleven appearing this week!

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Gameweek 10 Team of the Week ⚽

As we can see, the absence of two full backs and two forwards was not enough to keep gonca off top spot. The stunning hat-trick performance by Riyad Mahrez against Burnley obviously made a huge difference, but five of their remaining six were also on hot form, with Neto, Podence, Wilson and Grealish bagging a goal apiece, while Lloris kept a clean sheet. Only Kyle Walker-Peters let the side down. But in the end, this week’s winner of £250 and a Footstock FC shirt was so far ahead of the competition that they would have been top of the pile even without KWP’s contribution!

Food for thought for anyone considering retracting a team due to a lack of regular starters …

Kammy Watch 👀

We all know Footstock ambassador Chris Kamara has a sense of humour, and I’m sure he would take some gentle joshing on this week’s 100k freeroll performance on the chin. But we don’t want to kick a man when he’s down, so let’s stick to the facts.

Kammy’s 11 made the weekly winner’s side look positively diligent, with only five of Chris’s men actually making it on to the pitch! The top scorer among them was Liam Cooper, with just 17 points, and Kammy’s grand total for the week was a wince-inducing 69.74. Needless to say, it wasn’t one of his top six of the season so far, and the prize places remain firmly out of reach.

But, of course, that is the beauty of the tournament – it only takes six big scores between now and the end of the season for any team to bag the ultimate prize. Believe in the unbelievable, Kammy!

There are more gameweek prizes up for grabs this weekend, and of course throughout the whole season. And don’t forget, the winner of the top prize of £25,000 will be based on a team’s top 6 gameweeks – so you can enter at any point up to gameweek 32 and still be in with a chance of a first-place finish in the Footstock 100k Freeroll!

If you want some tips, look out for our Footstock Prediction League, where top names from FPL and beyond pick their favourites to score highly in the weekend’s fixtures. There’s a new instalment coming later this week, but you can already check out FPL Heisenberg’s selections here!

Finally, remember to check the Footstock blog for details of the daily special promotions all the way up to Boxing Day!


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